"I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Gospel of a cab driver. Being an immigrant myself and having lived on three different continents during my life, I felt that the book addresses remarkably well many aspects of what makes the USA such a great country. Reading this book made me realize again that we should be grateful daily for being in "the land of the free" and the land of opportunities. Dr. Ajluni addresses the issues of an immigrant interacting with a group of very kind and generous Americans and in a very clever way weaves in the challenges between Jews, Muslims and Christians. Most of all, the book is a love story among humans and I tell my family, friends and neighbors to read it."

-Marlies Castaing

"GOSPEL OF A CAB DRIVER is a very interesting 'first' novel that captivated my attention. I was fascinated by the diversity of characters, the personal interactions, and the deep human feelings. The mix of cultural and religious understanding, tolerance and acceptance reflects the author's personality and demeanor. Bravo Roger for a most compelling story. "

-Adnan S. Dajani, M.D.

"The Gospel is deceptive as the author uniquely combines today's complex mix of diversity and false beliefs with a certain measure of serenity. It is written without judgment and with compassion and at the same time leaves no place for the reader to hide. It is profoundly spiritual. As illustrated by Zachariah, it gives new meaning for those who sincerely seek to heal today's wounds while showing what is possible of mankind. In times that are filled with conflict and pain, like a light bulb, it sheds light on the splendor and divinity of the human soul.

His passages provide a glimpse of whom we can be when we are able to look beyond the self-imposed judgment, fear, and shame of current beliefs that hold us hostage. In short, it offers a profound level of growth to those who seek wisdom.

Finally, it is awesome that Dr. Ajluni, who is trained by the acumen of concrete science, is such a literary, incredible writer. His skill in deftly tackling the complex issue of not having to believe in any one God to find the path to the Higher Power's message was done with brilliant simplicity."

-Russell J. Ebeid

"I had to reread some of the insightful passages that were representative of the whole manuscript. I just wanted to appreciate the depth and breath of the issues that we immigrants are so romantic about in our adoptive country, the United States of America!

I do relate to many of your views that you revived and brought to the forefront. The decent morality and philosophy that runs under the surface of the words by Zechariah, Dr. Atwater and his daughter, Reverend Moore, and of course, St. Paul with his pragmatic views relevant even in today's world, were truly very thought provoking. Even the harsh political realities and trickeries were also a wake up call.

Thank you for expressing eloquently what many of us feel but fail to express. I wish and hope that the book will be a primer for the next generation in our community."

-Khalil Dirani, M.D.

'"Gospel of a Cab Driver presents not only a moving love story, but more importantly a human story. It is a powerful reflection on the connections that we all share, regardless of the divisions created by religion, race, or creed. It is a startling call to action for all of us to strive to improve our world."

-Justin Thomas

"The Gospel of a Cab Driver grabs the reader quickly and become impossible to put down. It is handsomely written, well crafted and plotted. There is much to admire in this book, particularly the finely drawn characters and the amount of knowledge it contains.

Thank you Dr. Ajluni for the enjoyable time I spent reading this book , I will be waiting for your next one."

-Samer Dirani DDS. MS

I have known Roger Ajluni for many years. Often he cared for my health with great care and warmth, and throughout our friendship I, as others were graced with generosity of his contributions and the warmth of his hospitality. For the last thirty years that I have known him I recognized that in his existential simplicity and the philosophical abstractions that were often slipped into inquiries about health issues and political problems, I sensed a lurking curiosity as if seeking early validation of the surprising jolt I, and many like me experienced upon reading his novel 'Gospel of a Cab Driver'.

Was it a jolt? Or a discovery: All of a sudden what appeared on the surface as "incoherence" were in retrospect his quest to bring into a "coherent" narrative a novel that encapsulated his own multi-facetted experiences as a Palestinian American. The stereotyping coexisted with a solid constituency of conscience within him. How these conflicting trends co-existed and co-habitated constitutes the subtext as well as the intricate details of the troubled human experience.

Reading Roger Ajluni's novel was a journey of discovery of a man whose humility becomes a defenition of an authentic creative mind. There is a serious flaw in this original contribution to the contemporary novel in that you cannot read this book in installments. Once you start, you are a captive only to be released by joining the farewell gathering for Zechariah and the triumph of an inspiring love between him and Jennifer whose child will be the precious link that expressed the triumph of human decency when challenged."

-Ambassador Clovis Maksoud

I have finally read your fascinating book, even some chapters twice! In it there are so many facets to the story and so many uncommon prospective angles about on life in America today! I found it very interesting being a relatively recent immigrant as well.

The book has reopened my mind to the role Saint Paul played in the history of our western societies. As a matter of fact I am committed to learn more about him, a premiere since the late 1950's when I was a middle school student at Ecole Lacordaire, a Dominican private school in Marseille. Could you recommend to me a good book about Paul I should read?

Thank you for helping others open their minds a little!"

-Francois Castaing